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February Valentine's Special Offers Image
February Valentine's Special Offers

Open Sunday, February 15th, 10am-4pm.

Chocolate or Champagne?  Shower her with both! This Valentine's Day she can get both Champagne & Roses & Chocolate.

Champagne & Rose Body Treatment - $110
The ultimate treat for both mind & body. Indulge your senses as your body is buffed with a warm champagne scrub, then rinsed and a warm champagne butter cream is applied to hydrate your skin.

Champagne & Roses Butter Cream Massage - $100
How sweet it is to indulge in a relaxing champagne butter cream massage. Customized techniques of swedish strokes to relax the muscles.

Champagne & Roses Butter Stone Massage - $145
Fall in love all over again with this warm and relaxing Champagne scented butter shea cream and warm basalt stones assist in relieving stress and tension.  

Champagne & Roses Pedicure - $70
Stimulate your senses with a champagne scented foot soak and warm scrub applied to the feet and calves. Warm towels are applied topped off with hydrating champagne shea butter.
Chocolate Truffle Pedicure - $70
A sweet treat for your feet with a rich chocolate truffle scented scrub for feet and upper calves followed with all the standard pedicure procedures and finish with chocolate shea butter to hydrate your feet.
Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub - $110
How sweet it is...  we exfoliate your body with our delicious Chocolate Rich Scrub. The amazing cocoa plant reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin's flexibility. Finished up with an application of Chocolate Shea Butter which will leave your skin smooth and soft.
Chocolate Truffle Butter Massage - $100
A chocolate massage gives you a power-pack of moisturizing agents. A relaxing chocolate butter massage is also wonderful for extremely dry skin for shea butter helps leave the skin hydrated, smooth and soft. 
Chocolate Butter Stone Massage - $145
The warm chocolate truffle shea butter melts away stress and tension with the use of warm stones in a swedish customized massage.
Eminence Chocolate Covered Strawberry Facial $120
Pamper your skin with strawberries and rhubarb rich in antioxidants to cleanse and tighten pores softens and brightens your complexion for a radiant glow.  Then enjoy the calorie free chocolate mousse mask that fights the signs of aging deliciously. Deep hydration for your skin that is left  smooth and delightfully sweet.  
Raspberry Truffle Delight  Image
Raspberry Truffle Delight

Raspberry Truffle Delight Pedicure $70
This truffle treatment begins with your feet soaking in a burst of orange and cranberry aroma scent. Next, a skin smoothing Rasmopolitan exfoliation made with sugar, vitamin-rich raspberry extract, and organic vodka. To exfoliate your feet and calves. Followed with a warm chocolate shea butter, hot towels and then your holiday polish and your ready to be dazzled!
Raspberry Truffle Delight Body Treatment $115
A skin smoothing Rasmopolitan exfoliation made with sugar, vitamin-rich raspberry extract, and organic vodka. Prepare for your sweet cocooning!. After the exfoliation a light application of chocolate shea butter is applied all over to hydrate and soften your skin.
*Services are available November 1st through January.
Peppermint Twist Image
Peppermint Twist

Peppermint Twist Pedicure $70
This invigorating scent of mint is sure to leave your soles super refreshed. Enjoy the sweet smell of the peppermint twist soak as it nourishes and softens your skin. The invigorating salt exfoliates and soothes tired feet & legs. Finished with the massaging of the feet and upper calves with peppermint shea butter to hydrate your skin. The perfect holiday treat for your feet.
Peppermint Twist Massage $100
When you need a wintery wake up call this invigorating scent of fresh peppermint will do the trick. This relaxing massage is using peppermint shea butter that melts quickly over your skin with the wonderful aromas of the holiday. This refreshing massage will relax and distress you before the holiday season begins.
Peppermint Aromatherapy Massage $100
This high quality doterra essential oils are extracted from plants, flowers and herbs. They have highly beneficial properties to your overall health. This full body massage will leave you feeling relaxed by helping to restore harmony and balance in the body.